EleksMaker EleksLaser and EleksMill XY CNC and Tableware Specials at Banggood for Laser Engraving, PCB Drilling/Machining, Plotting Pen

As the holidays of China on November 11 approach, there are more and more bargains. If you have a project of laser engraving, plotter or CNC machining, it’s time to go for a ride at Banggood. Banggod mainly sells products from the manufacturer Eleksmaker. It is a specialist in XY tables for engraving and pen tracing as well as small CNC milling machines based on ATmega microcontrollers. The products are compatible Arduino is supported by most open source software for engraving and CNC machining, Candle, EleksCam, T2-Laser, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, Laser GRBL. If you discover the brand, you can go to the official website here. The discounts reach -46% on XY tables for laser engraving EleksLaser or pen plotter. 445nm blue laser sources are also up to 36% off. Finally the CNC milling machine for small jobs (130 x 90 x 40 mm) laser engraving, PCB drilling, machining (wood, acrylic, copper, aluminum …) is on sale. The EleksMill CNC 3-axis milling machine can be purchased alone or with a laser source. The version with the laser engraving is cheaper during the promo period!

XY EleksLaser table for laser engraving or pen tracing

EleksLaser plotters are available in sizes A5 and A3. EleksLaser tables are compatible with most open-source Candle, EleksCam, T2-Laser, Benbox, Grbl Controller, LiteFire, Laser GRBL software. If you do not need the laser module, you can buy the table alone for less than $170 in A3 format for example.

In addition to the size of the table (A3 or A5), you can choose (according to your budget and your needs) the power of the laser source. It is possible to buy the EleksMaker table without laser module in dimension A5 or A3. The A5 model has an engraving surface of 200 x 130 mm. The A3 model has a surface area of ​​300 x 400 mm engraving. Here is a table summarizing the different possible combinations. Four powers are offered: 500mW1600mW, 2500mW, 5500mW. A 7000mW source is also available separately.

Laser power | Dimension A5

200 x 130 mm


300 x 400 mm

500 mW X X
1600 mW X X
2500 mW X X
5500 mW X X
7000mW Blue laser source 445nm Blue laser source 445nm

The engraving tables are made from extruded aluminum profiles guaranteeing good stability. The other structural elements are made of transparent plexiglass. The screws are made of stainless steel. This design provides a very good accuracy of 0.01mm in both directions. The engines are of type 42H34S-1304A. They can be purchased separately in case of breakdown.

All EleksLaser tables on Banggood are here.

To better discover the EleksMaker laser engraving tables, here is a very useful video made by Matos Chinois.

Wear protective goggles!

Attention, the wearing of protective glasses is obligatory during the engraving. A pair of goggles is usually delivered in laser engraving kits. In case of loss, breakage or to equip your friends, you can buy separately protective glasses suitable for laser engraving. Be careful to choose a pair of protective glasses adapted to the wavelength band emitted by your laser. Here are some classic wavelengths:

  • Blue laser: 360 ~ 490nm. The most used in engraving
  • Green laser: 520 ~ 540nm
  • Red laser: 590 ~ 690nm
  • Infrared: 1064nm

Two products that may be suitable

For blue / violet laser from 200nm to 500nm OD4+. Glasses delivered in EleksLaser kits Filter from 360nm to 1064nm. IPL-2 OD+4D
lunette glasses protection laser bleu eleksmaker lunette glasses protection laser IPL-2 OD+4D

Prohibited and possible materials in laser engraving

Laser engraving is not an innocuous activity. There may be risks with some materials. The Swiss University of Geneva listed on this page several materials to prohibit in laser engraving. they are essentially polymeric materials that can melt or burn (ABS, EPS, EPP, PE-HD, PC) or release harmful gases (PVC, synthetic leather, fiberglass, carbon fiber, PTFE) or carcinogenic (MDF) .

Here are some materials that may be suitable according to the University of Geneva *:

  • Acrylic glass, plexiglass GS or plexiglass XT
  • Polyester or Polyurethane (PU), some of which are: Cellasto®, Elastocoat®, Elastoflex®, Elastofoam®, Elastolit®, Elastopal®, Elastopan®, Elastopor®, Lupranol®, Baydur®, Bayfill®, Bayflex®, Baylit®, Baymer®, Baytherm®, Desmodur®
  • Cardboard, paper
  • Solid wood but not the MDF (medium-density fiberboard) nor the plywood. MDF is obtained by agglomeration and gluing crushed wood residues
  • Textile. Be careful that the engraving head does not catch on the move

(*) Indicative information in the current state of knowledge on the toxicity of materials (November 2017). Please observe the safety instructions of the manufacturers.

EleksMill 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine with optional laser engraving module

The EleksMill EleksMill is a small, rugged 3-axis CNC milling machine (X-Y-Z). It is available in two versions. The basic version comes with an electro-spindle with a power of 30W (available here also in case of breakdown). It will be able to receive a tool of engraving or a strawberry 2 sizes. The power is sufficient to machine polymer materials (acrylic, nylon, bakelite …), wood or soft metals (copper, aluminum).

eleksmaker cnc laser graver banggood discount

The full version includes in addition to the electro-spindle a blue laser (445-450nm) with a power of 500mW for making engravings. The tool change is very simple (see the end of the video) in a few seconds.

Warning. The kit does not include laser safety glasses. It will be necessary to buy it separately this one for example.

EleksMill CNC with 500mW laser module

The version with laser module is $10 cheaper than the basic until November 13, 2017 ! version

269.90 436.90

The useful working volume is 130 x 90 x 40 mm. To obtain good machining stability, the structure is made using aluminum profiles and white acrylic plates. The machining table is also made of aluminum profile. The grooves of the profile will be used to fix the parts to be machined or engraved. All assembly steps are available on Eleksmaker WiKi here.

kit fraiseuse cnc eleksmill leksmaker banggood

All EleksMaker EleksMill mini CNC milling machine discounts

Engraving, drilling and machining tools discount

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All specials Eleksmaker at Banggood

All EleksMaker products are on Banggood here.

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EleksMaker® Blue-violet Laser Goggles Safety Glasses Laser Protective Eyewear
EleksMaker® 42HS34-1304A 1.8° Hybrid Stepper Motor 2 Phase For Laser Engraver Machine...
EleksMaker® 555 Spindle Motor Replacement Parts for EleksMill CNC Engraving Machine
EleksMaker® ManaSE 2 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board For DIY Laser...
EleksMaker® IVAxis 4 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board Controller Laser board For...
EleksMaker® LA03-500 405nm 500mW Blue Laser Module With Heat Sink For DIY...
EleksMaker® EleksZAxis Adjustable Z Axis Laser Module Motor Holder DIY Kit for...
EleksMaker® LA03-2500 445nm 2500mW Blue Laser Module With Heat Sink For DIY...
EleksMaker® LA03-2300 445nm 2300mW Blue Laser Module With TTL/PWM For DIY Laser...
EleksMaker® EleksEgg Egg Drawing Robot CNC Drawing Machine Egg Writing Robot DIY...
EleksMaker® EleksDraw XY Plotter Pen Drawing Robot Drawing Machine
EleksMaker® EleksLaser-A5 Pro Engraving Machine CNC Printer Without Laser Module
EleksMaker® EleksLaser-A3 Pro 2500mW Laser Engraving Machine CNC Laser Printer
EleksMaker® EleksMill CNC Micro Engraving Machine Without Laser Module
EleksMaker® EleksMill CNC Micro Engraving Machine With 500mw Laser Module
EleksMaker® LA03-7000 445nm 7000mW Blue Laser Module TTL/PWM With Heat Sink For...
EleksMaker® EleksLaser A3X-2500mw Laser Engraving Machine CNC Laser Printer
EleksMaker® EleksLaser-A5 Pro 5500mW Laser Engraving Machine CNC Laser Printer
EleksMaker® EleksDraw XY Plotter Pen Drawing Robot Laser Drawing Machine 5500mW
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