Program the ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE: Libraries, GPIO, Web Server, Web Client

In many applications, ESP8266 WiFi modules can replace Arduino by adding Wi-Fi connectivity at a lower cost. At the launch of ESP8266 (in 2014), the preferred ...

Programming ESP32 boards with Arduino IDE on macOS, Windows 7/8/10, Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi)

The Espressif Development Kit for ESP32 boards is available on GitHub for macOS, Windows, 32-bit Linux, 64-bit and ARM chips ...

ESP Easy: firmware ESP8266 to create connected and home automation objects without programming

ESP Easy is an open source firmware that allows to program ESP8266 modules without any line of code (official page of the project). ESP ...

Getting start with Node-Red: Installation and discovery on Raspberry Pi 3 (or 2)

Node-Red is a graphical programming language for developing connected objects (and many other things). Node-Red is an open source (and ...

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