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Difficulty level

The tutorials published on DIY Projects are classified by level of difficulty:
Beginner: you learn programming, micro-controllers, electronics … in short you need tutorials that guide you step by step on simple subjects to get you started.
Advanced: You have already programmed and you would like to go further. You would like to make your own connected objects, start creating scripts on a home automation server.
Confirmed: putting your hands in the terminal is no problem. You have a good knowledge of programming. You have problems to solve. You want to move on to the next step and develop real DIY projects.
Expert: Do you really need DIY Projects? In any case I hope you will find plenty of new ideas. The entire community would be happy to take advantage of your knowledge and experience. The comments and social networks are there for that.

Unpacking and configuring the Xiaomi Smart Home 6 in 1 Kit with the Mi Home app (iOS or Android)

xiaomi smart home kit motion temperature switch door windows plug gateway button

The Xiaomi Smart Home kit is a widely used DIY home automation system. Xiaomi designs high-quality home automation products at a very reasonable price. In the next tutorials, we will see how to integrate the connected Xiaomi devices on a home automation server (Home Assistant, Domoticz and Jeedom). Whatever your …

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Start programming with Node Js and Johnny-Five: IoT and robotics based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi

Johnny-Five is an open source Javascript library that allows the rapid and easy development of connected objects or small robotic projects (articulated arm, radio-controlled car …). In the previous tutorial, we saw how to replace the GPIO of the Orange Pi which fishing by its lack of libraries by an …

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