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#DEAL: Z-Wave alarm system, motion detector, door window opening, siren

aeotec siren gen5 z wave plus 105db siren with strobe alerts plug in

It is very easy to build a backup alarm system from Z-Wave hardware (motion detector or opening of door or window …). In case of intrusion into your home, you can create scenarios to protect your property.


Examples of realization to protect your property in case of intrusion in your home

Here are some examples of realization very easy to achieve:

Motion detector, opening, siren for Z-Wave alarm

Siren, motion or presence detector, door or window opening contactor, water leak detection or smoke detection

Z-Wave controller

To control your ZWave micro-modules from a DIY home automation server (Domoticz, Home Assistant, OpenHAB…) you will need a USB controller that can create a Z-Wave network.

Detect an attempt to scramble Z-Wave modules (jamming)

There is not (for the moment at least) solution to detect an attempt to jam (Jamming) Z-Wave communications. Increasingly common for the 433MHz and 868Mhz radio frequencies, the Z-Wave protocol is more difficult to jam. However, it is quite easy to detect such an attack by regularly monitoring that all modules are reachable. A script is available on Domoticz’s official WiKi here.

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