WiFi smart plug Sonoff S20 / S26 2000W/10A easy to hack

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WiFi smart plug Sonoff S20 / S26 2000W/10A easy to hack

The Sonob S20 and S26 connected jacks allow you to control an electric device via WiFi from the official application of Itead EWelink (presented in this article). The connected Sonoff S26 socket (2018 upgraded version of the S20) can delivering a maximum power of 2000W (10A) sufficient to turn on a heater, an audio system, a television, a lamp to create a presence simulator …

Visit worldstandard to choose the plug format that corresponds to your country. Follow this tutorial to hack the original firmware and replace it with the Open Source firmware Tasmota.

The model S26 has the same technical characteristics in a more compact case. She wins the CE / FCC mark. This is the model that is recommended to buy for security.

It is possible to replace the original firmware with an alternative Open Source firmware such as ESP Easy. You will be able to control your devices from a DIY home server (Domoticz, Home Assistant …) using HTTP requests or MQTT messages. In this case you will be able to use the scenario system of your home automation server to control the heating or the fan in the room according to the measurements of the probe or of another data source. Follow this tutorial to install the ESP Easy firmware on the Sonoff S20.

Sonoff S20 / 226 Specifications

  • Power Supply Type: 90-250V AC (50/60Hz)
  • Current Max. : 10A
  • Power Max. : 2000W
  • Colour : white
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC-40ºC
  • Plug connector for connecting a temperature sensor
  • S26 is certified CE and FCC
The Sonoff S20 power plug is not CE and FCC certified

Internet offers for Sonoff S20 / S26

All Sonoff and Xiaomi product hacks

Sonoff products are very easy to hack. You will be able to install an alternative Open Source firmware to keep control of your personal data. Here are some tutorials that may interest you

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