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VL53L0X sensor, distance measurement and laser proximity detection (ToF)

vl53l0x time of flight tof laser ranging sensor breakout 940nm gy vl53l0xv2 1
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The VL53L0X sensor from STMicroelectronic is a proximity and distance sensor with an object by measuring the time of flight (time of flight) of a laser beam. The VL53L0X is very easy to integrate into robotic, alarm, RC based Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 or Raspberry Pi projects. It supports a supply voltage of 3V to 5V. Measurement recovery is via the I2C digital bus. There are several libraries for Arduino very easy to use. The easiest is the Pololu library available from the IDE library manager

Features of VL53L0X ToF

VL53L0X laser distance measurement and proximity detection

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