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#DEAL: Roller shutter and blinds control compatible Home Assistant and Homy

insteon micro openclose motor control module

Home Assistant has a highly evolved component to control the opening (garage door, shutters, curtains, blinds slats orientable …). The cover component is used to control the opening of the open / closed or proportional type.

HASS also allows you to control the blinds with adjustable slats. HASS also allows you to manage the ramp up / down, that is to say that even if a shutter is closed and you ask for 50% opening, HASS will drive gradually its opening (idem for closing).

You can follow Homy the position of each command and stop at any time the movement by pressing the stop (gray square).

The component Cover is compatible with the main manufacturers on the market: deConz, Fibaro, Homematic, Insteon, KNC Cover, Lutron, Lutron Caseta, MQTT for DIYers, RFLink (Somfy compatible), RFXtrx, SmartThings, Somfy Tahoma, Tuya, Telldus, TellStitck, Velux, Xiaomi (motorized curtains) .

Control your shutters, blinds and garage door HASS from Homy (component cover)

Homy allows you to operate all Home Assistant component cover commands:

Control shutters, garage door, curtains with HASS (cover)

The Cover component on Homy. Control of the position and orientation of blind slats (Tilt)

Specials rolling shutters, blinds, garage door compatible Home Assistant

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