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Banana Pi M2 Zero, Raspberry Pi Zero W clone

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The Banana Pi M2 Zero (BPI-Zero) is a clone of the Raspberry Pi Zero W developed by Sinovoip. It adopts the same rectangular shape and incorporates the same features: GPIO 40-pin connector compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3, a connector for CSI camera up to 5MP, 1080p@30Hz. It is built on the same architecture as the Orange Pi Zero. It ships the SoC Allwinner H2+, 512MB of shared DDR3 memory with the Mali400MP2 GPU. WiFi and bluetooth are supported by an AMPAK AP6212 module. The board is powered by a micro USB OTG 5V connector. As it is a perfect clone, the power connector is placed exactly in the same place as on the RPI Zero. The BPI-Zero has a POWER button, a RESET button, an LED indicating that the board is powered on and a second LED indicating access to the SD board.

Banana Pi M2 Zero specifications

Main features of the BPI-Zero. On the right, the pinout of the 40-pins GPIO

The BPI-Zero is advertised as compatible with Android and Linux distributions. The architecture being very close to the Orange Pi Zero H2+, Armbian should be able to work. For the moment, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the distribution Ubuntu 16.04 mate proposed for download on the official page here.

All technical information on the official page here.

Attention, the indicated price does not take account of the expenses of port. They can vary greatly depending on your country.

Motherboard Brand
SIZE 60mm*30mm,all ineter face same as Raspberry pi Ze
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