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An 8GB SD card is more than enough to install Raspbian, Armbian, Ubuntu linux distributions on Raspberry Pi, PiZero, Orange Pi and Banana Pi mini PCs. The most important point is to choose a fast SD card. The minimum for obtaining a reactive system is to opt for a class 10 (10MB / s) . These are optimized cards for writing and fast reading operations. They support better volume writes. Initially, they were developed for camcorders and digital cameras. Class 10 was the standard at the launch of the Raspberry Pi. Today SDXC II SD cards up to 90MB / s are very easily available at a very reasonable price. These cards are also found under the reference V90.
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Which micro SD card to choose for the Raspberry Pi 3?

The sdcard.org site has posted a recap table to help us choose the map in depending on the desired sequential write rate. It has been developed for cameras or digital video recorders but it is quite usable for use on a mini PC Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, Banana Pi …

Source : https://www.sdcard.org/consumers/choices/speed_class/index.html

The following table shows the table sdcarg.org site taking into account the needs for use on mini-PC. It is best to stay in the green zone to get good performance.

Minimum speed of writing MB/s Classe (1) Classe UHS (2)

SDXC I cards

U3 or U1

SD cards for video recording (3)

SDXC II class

from V6 to V90


90 MB/s
60 MB/s
30 MB/s
10 MB/s 10
6 MB/s 6
4 MB/s 4
2 MB/s 2

(1) The old classes simply indicate the writing speed. A class 10 card should therefore make it possible to reach 10 MB / s.

(2) Then, with the increase in the quality of video recordings, classes U1 and U3 were created. Class U1 corresponds to a flow rate of 10MB / s. The U3 at 30MB / s.

(3) Probably to take into account the old map at 6MB / s (?), The denominations V6, V10, V30, V60 and V90 were created. The number following the V corresponds to the minimum theoretical bit rate in MB / s that the card can support.

Manufacturers add their names to complicate matters:

  • microSDHC
  • microSDXC ou SDXC

SD cards have not been designed for such heavy use (not like SSDs with flash memory ). It is therefore best to buy a second SD card and regularly clone the main SD card (after each update, every month). In case of failure, you can restart your server in a few minutes without having to reinstall everything. Some home automation software (especially Jeedom) require to re-include devices after a restore. It is therefore much simpler to restart the Raspberry Pi with a clone of the system. Follow this tutorial to learn how to save an SD card.

SDXC II 64GB SD Card Deals for Raspberry Pi Mini PCs

Here is a selection of SDXC II SD cards with a capacity of 64GB. The selected cards are at least V60 standard (60MB/s write).

Gearbest Deals on micro SD cards

8 deals on Micro SD cards. GearBest makes the biggest reduction (-40%) on Netac P500 Micro SD Card 32GB paid at €4,26.
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Samsung UHS-3 Class10 Micro SDXC Memory Card - RED 64G

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Mingsford 8G / 16G / 64G / 128G High Speed Micro SD / TF Storage Card - GREEN 128GB

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Mingsford Micro SD / TF Memory Card Class 10 - GREEN 64GB

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Arduino Uno Raspberry Pi 3D Printer TV Box and Mini PC
Micro SD Cards Drones Vacuum Cleaner Robots Xiaomi Products

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