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CCS811, TVOC and eCO2 pollutant sensor for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32 projects

cjmcu 811 ccs811 low power carbon monoxide air quality monitoring digital 1

The CCS811 from the Austrian manufacturer ams Ag is sensitive to the presence of  volatile organic compounds (VOC or VOC in English). It automatically calculates the TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compunds), the level of total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in an air sample. It is a very good indicator of the air quality in a building. 

The CCS811 can be used as a sensor in your air quality monitoring station projects based on Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 or Raspberry Pi. Communication with the sensor is via the I2C bus. Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the CCS811 in your DIY projects.

CCS811, TVOC I2C sensor on sale

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