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ESP8266 Wemos D1 Mini ATTiny 85 Raspberry Pi Orange Pi Qualité de l’air Température, humidité OLED LCD Radio

Best prices

In this section you will find good deals on several websites. Do not forget to enter the promo code (if indicated) before payment. Some products are in limited quantities. Check availability to take advantage of the promo before payment.

Raspberry Pi 3 model B

€36,50 instead of €47,44 with the promotional code RASPFR. 100 pieces available. French version (green) Buy
banggood from €38,77 Buy

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum

€301,23 instead of €328,62 with the promotional code XIAOMIVAC. 100 pieces available. White version Buy
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ali From €322 Buy

Arduino, clones

arduino uno r3Arduino Uno R3

The most classic Arduino model. It is ideal for beginners. It has 14 I / Os, including 6 PWMs. Programming is very simple using the Arduino IDE to download here for Windows, MacOS, Linux, ARM (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi)

banggood From €3,90 Buy
ali From €3,28 Buy

arduino mega 2560 r3Arduino Mega 2560 (54 I/O)

The most powerful of the Arduino. It is suitable for projects that require a lot of I/O. It has 54 digital I/O including 14 PWM, 16 analog inputs and 4 serial ports. A compact version (clone) reduces the clutter of your projects

banggood From €9,41 Buy
ali From €4,68 Buy
ali Compact version, from 8,42€ (exc. postage) Buy

arduino pro mini 5v 16mhzArduino Pro mini 5V/16MHz

Based on the chipATMEGA328 328p. It is a very compact Arduino clone. It has 14 I / O including 6 PWMs as its big brother the Arduino Uno. It is ideal for developing projects based on MySensors v2 firmware. It requires an FTDI (serial link / USB) cable for programming (see below).

ali From 1,58€ Buy
banggood From 2,40€ Buy

arduino nano v3 atmega328p 5v 16mhzArduino Nano v3

A little bigger than the Arduino Pro mini but with easy programming via a USB cable. Based on the ATmega328, it has 14 I/O including 6 PWM as well as 8 analog inputs.

banggood From €2,99 Buy
ali From €2,87 Buy

arduinbo starter kitArduino Starter Kit

Arduino Learning and Initiation Kit. The official kits include a booklet of experiences for beginners (be sure to check the language).


amazon From €89,00 (officiel) Buy
ebay From €96,59 (officiel) Buy
banggood  From €14,02 (clone) Buy
ebay From €13,82 (clone) Buy
ali From €12,26 (clone) Buy

Accessories :  FTDI, breadboard…

module ftdi

FTDI module

Board or USB cable for serial communication with a microcontroller. It is necessary for some Arduino boards.

ali From €2,05 Buy
amazon From €2,34 Buy
banggood From €2,58 Buy
ebay From €1,63 Buy

3.3V 5V arduino power supply breadboard alimentation électrique

Power supply for breadboard 3.3V / 5V


ali From €0,90 Buy
amazon From €1,97 Buy
banggood From €1,97 Buy
ebay From €1 Buy

ESP8266 (WiFi module, NodeMCU)

The ESP8266 modules add a WiFi connection to your Arduino projects. The ESP8266 is also capable of operating Arduino code and a Web server. The ESP8266 can replace an Arduino in many cases. If the I/O and analog input are not enough, consider using expansion cards.

arduino nano v3 atmega328p 5v 16mhz

ESP-01 (ESP8266)

Wifi module ESP8266 with 2 GPIO. It allows to add a WiFi connection to an Arduino project for less than €2. The ESP-01 is also a mini Arduino with 2 I/O.

ali From €1,60 Buy
amazon From €7,57 Buy
banggood From €2,83 Buy
ebay From €2,42 Buy

esp8266 esp-12-eq

ESP-12E or ESP-12F NodeMCU

Development board based on ESP-12E – Firmware NodeMCU. Requires adapter plate to facilitate mounting

ali From €3,61 Buy
amazon From €5,06 Buy
banggood From €3,97 Buy
ebay From €4,19 Buy

Lua/Arduino NodeMCU development board

Development board with ESP8266 module. Programming is easy using a USB cable. Some cards are supported by the Arduino IDE.

ali From €3,05 Buy
banggood From €3,97 Buy
From €3,93 Buy
ebay From €3,67 Buy

esp32 geekcreit wroom


New version of the ESP8266 based on a microprocessor Tensilica Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor (frequency up to 240 MHz). Wi-Fi: 802.11b / g / n / e / i (802.11n @ 2.4 GHz up to 150 Mbps), Bluetooth: v4.2 BR / EDR and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Up to 4 × 16 Mbytes of QSPI memory. Security Cryptography AES, SHA-2, RSA, ECC, Random Number Generator (RNG). Supports many types of I / O: DMA, ADCs, DACs, I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), UART (universal asynchronous receiver / transmitter), CAN Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), I²S (Integrated Inter-IC Sound), Reduced Media-Independent Interface (RMII), and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

ali From €10,58 Buy
banggood From €7,47 Buy

esp8266 Wemos D1 miniWemos d1 mini

Development board based on the ESP-12F. Equipped with 4Mb of memory, it is programmable in USB from the Arduino IDE or in Lua. It has 11 (3.3V) I /O, all PWMs as well as an analog input (max. 3.2V)

ali From €2,90 Buy
banggood From €4,42 Buy

esp8266 Wemos D1 miniWemos d1 mini Pro

Enhanced version equipped with 16MB (128Mb) of memory, a ceramic antenna and an external antenna connector of type IPEX. The other features remain identical: USB programmable from Arduino IDE or Lua, 11 I/O – 3.3V, all PWM as well as an analog input (max. 3.2V)

ali From €5,15 Buy
banggood From €7,06 Buy

Projects with Wemos

wemos d1 mini shield dc powerShields and accessories for Wemos D1 Mini (compatible Pro)

There is a Shield (expansion card) for almost all applications. The Shields are stacked on the Wemos d1 mini to form a compact package without any wiring. It is ideal for starting or making small objects connected without programming using the firmware ESP Easy. Generally there are the best prices on Aliexpress.

chargeur raspbery pi 3 5v 3000ma 5V/3A micro-usb power supply

The ESP8266 is sensitive to the quality of the power supply (risk of crash). A good quality power supply is recommended.

wemos d1 mini shield batterie lipo LiPo battery charger with micro USB connector.

From €2,20

wemos d1 mini relai shield Relai x1 250VAC/10A or 30VDC/10A. Pin D1 (GPIO5)

From €3,2

wemos d1 mini one button shield 1-Button

From €1,95

wemos d1 mini dht11 shield DHT11, temperature and humidity, Pin D4

From €2,70

wemos d1 mini dht22 shield DHT22, temperature and humidity, Pin D4

From €2,77

SHT30 : temperature and humidity, I2C (D1 – SCL, D2 – SDA)

From €2,90

wemos d1 mini oled shield OLED SSD1306 I2C display (D1 – SCL, D2 – SDA) 64×48 pixels.

From €4,40

wemos d1 mini microsd shield Micro SD card reader. D5 – CLK, D6 – MISO, D7 – MOSI, D8 – CS

From €2,60

wemos d1 mini proto shield Mini Breadboard

From €0,70

wemos d1 mini dual base Double basis

From €0,95

wemos d1 mini motor shield i2c I2C Driver to drive 2 motors (15 VDC max.)

From €4,60€

wemos d1 mini shield dc power DC Power 7-24VDC (1A max)

From €1,80 (without ship cost)

wemos shield rbg led ws2812b adafruit neopixel library Buy
antenne ipex wemos d1 mini pro External IPEX antenna externe (Pro version)

From 1,15€ (2dBi)


ATtiny85 : e-textile

cjmcu board wearable attiny85 arduino e-textile

LilyTiny Sparkfun CJMCU clone

ATtiny85. Programming via USB port. 5 (+1) GPIO (including 2 PWM)

ali From €5,03 Buy
banggood From €4,22 Buy
ebay From €2,50 Buy



LilyPad clone

ATmega32U4. Programming via USB port from the Arduino IDE. JST connector for LiPo battery

ali From €5,96 Buy
banggood From €6,21 Buy
ebay From €6,06 Buy

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3

You can recycle your old hardware (keyboard, mouse, screen, SD card, 5V / 2A phone charger …) to equip your Raspberry Pi 3 at a lower cost. Think of buying a case for security!

ali From €39,24 Buy
banggood From €38,04 Buy



Box for Raspberry Pi 3 From 4,23€ Buy
Box for Raspberry Pi Zero From 3,28€ Buy
5V/3A micro-USB power supply From 3,28€ Buy
SD card 16Go classe 10 From 4,68€ Buy
HDMI to VGA adapter From 5,41€ Buy
HDMI to DVI adapter From 2,58€ Buy
Camera v2.1 8MP 1080p From 27,60€ Buy
Camera v2.1 NoIR (night vision) 8MP 1080p From 25,30€ Buy
Cheap camera 5MP NoIR From 12,48€ Buy

Orange Pi

orange-pi-pc-plus-2e-plus2eOrange Pi

A complete range of mini-PCs based on SoC Allwinner. Less expensive, some models are equipped with eMMC memory more reliable and faster than an SD card. The Pi + and Pi + 2e models are equipped with a SATA connector to connect an external hard drive. Only the Win is equipped with bluetooth 4. The official store can be found on Aliexpress. It will add about 3,80 € postage. We often find promos on Gearbest. Be careful, the camera connector is not compatible with that of the Raspberry Pi.

Orange Pi Zero 256Mo (H2@1.2GHz, POE) From €6,65 Buy
Orange Pi Zero 526Mo (H2@1.2GHz, POE) From €8,55 Buy
Orange Pi One (H3@1.2GHz, 512Mo) From €9,50 Buy
Orange Pi Lite (H3@1.2GHz, 512Mo, WiFi) From €11,45 Buy
Orange Pi PC (H3@1.6GHz, 1GB) From €14,26 Buy
Orange Pi PC2 (H3@1.6GHz, 1GB) From €19,00 Buy
Orange Pi PC Plus (H3@1.6GHz, 1GB, 8GB eMMC) From €19,01 Buy
Orange Pi PC Plus 2E (H3@1.6GHz, 2GB, 16GB eMMC) From €33,27  Buy
Orange Pi Plus (H3@1.6GHz, 1GB, 8GB eMMC, SATA) From €37,07 Buy
Orange Pi Plus 2 (H3@1.6GHz, 2GB, 16GB eMMC, SATA) From €46,58 Buy
Orange Pi Win (A53 64bits, 1GB, Bluetooth, option eMMC) From €23,36 Buy

Orange Pi Kit

The Orange Pi is available as an economic kit. Here is a selection.

Kit Orange Pi Zero + expansion card + case From €12,10 Buy
Kit Orange Pi PC Plus + power supply + case From €29,06 Buy

Accessoiries for Orange Pi

chargeur 5v 3a orange pi dc4mmOrange Pi also develops many accessories to extend the possibilities of Oranges: camera (not Raspberry Pi compatible). Please note that prices are excluding shipping cost.

Camera 2MP From €5,52 Buy
USB cable to DC 4.0*1,7mm From €1,69 Buy
5V/3A power supply From €4,90 Buy
5V/3A power supply + SATA cable From €7,39 Buy
NAS Orange Pi Zero expansion board From €6,53 Buy
Orange Picase From €4,41 Buy
Flex ribbon for camera From €0,94 Buy
Expansion board for Orange Pi Zero (2x USB, Power, micro, IR) From €1,86 Buy

Radio modules

rflink nrf24l01nRF24L01 : 2.4GHz

Short distance radio communication. Ideal for projects of connected objects that communicate by radio waves in network from the firmware MySensors. Follow this guide to improve the radio communication of your projects.

ali From €0,74 Buy
banggood From €3,20 (x3) Buy

nrf24l01+pa+lna antenne 2dbinRF24L01+PA+LNA : long distance

Long range radio communication (about 1000m in open field). In case of communication difficulties, do not hesitate to replace the antenna 2dBi delivered by a more powerful (6dBi at least). All MySensors tutorials. Follow this guide to improve the radio communication of your projects.

ali From €1,74 Buy
banggood From €3,20 (x3) Buy

rflink rfxcom domoticz jeedom superheterodyne rbx6 ksa6Transmitter and Receiver 433MHz

The 433MHz transmitters allow you to add radio connectivity for Arduino projects. They also make it possible to manufacture an RFLink gateway (much cheaper than an RFXCom gateway) allowing to communicate home automation devices with a DIY server. Follow this guide to develop your RFLink gateway

rflink rfxcom domoticz jeedom superheterodyne rbx6 ksa6 Superheterodyne RXB6

From €5,31 (receiver)

rflink-domoticz-jeedom-syn480r SYN480R

From €2,26 (receiver)

rflink domoticz jeedom aurel tranceiver rtx-mid-5v Aurel RTX-MID-5v

From €13 (receiver)

315mhz xd-fst XD-FST FS1000A

From €1,69 (transmitter + receiver)


Sensors for Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects

Gaz, Air quality

mq-2 mq2MQ-2 : gaz et fumes

Sensitive to methane, butane, LPG, fumes

ali From €0,93 Buy
amazon From €2,49 Buy
banggood From €2,01 Buy
ebay From €1,14 Buy

MQ135 mq-135

MQ135 : air quality

CO2 Sensitive, Benzene, Alcohol, Fumes

ali From €1,44 Buy
amazon From €4,70 Buy
ebay From €1,14 Buy


Sensors for general applications. Detector allow particles up to 0.8μm (MP2.5 standard).

Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F

From €5,73

DSM501A (compatible with ESP Easy)

From €6,34


kit économique 37 capteurs projets arduino raspberry pi

MQ sensor kit

Seamless sensors. Kit of sensors most used in Diy Arduino or Raspberry projects Pi: MQ2 MQ3 MQ4 MQ5 MQ6 MQ7 MQ7 MQ9 MQ9 MQ135

ali  From €16,48 (9 sensors) Buy
amazon  From €29,99 (9 sensors) Buy
banggood  From €10,71 (37 sensors) Buy

Temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity

BMP180BMP180 : atmospheric pressure

Replaces the BMP085. I2C bus. 3V or 5V. 10 x 12 x 2 mm. Measurement range from 300-1100 hPa (up to 9000m). Operates from -40°C to +85 °.

ali From €4,09 Buy
amazon From €3,00 Buy
banggood From €2,54 Buy
ebay From €3,31 Buy

Broches DHT22DHT22 : temperature and humidity

3 or 5V. Measurement range from 0 to 100%. Temperature measurement range -40°C to 80°C. 4 measurements per second.

ali From €2,2€ Buy
amazon From €3,39 Buy
banggood From €3,86 Buy
ebay From €2,74 Buy

Dallas DS18b20 : temperature

Uses the 1-Wire protocol. 2 wires are required to operate the sensor. Up to 128 sensors can be connected to the 1-Wire network.

Sensor only From €8,77 (x10) Buy
Arduino module From €1,80 Buy

Waterproof version From €2,47 Buy

OLED, LCD display

ssd1306 ecran i2cOLED 0.96″ SSD1306 monochrome I2C

128 x 64 pixel monochrome OLED display based on the SSD1306. I2C bus. Compatible with 3.3V or 5V. 27x 28mm. Angle of view> 160 °.

ali From €5,56 Buy
amazon From €9,72 Buy
banggood From €5,24 Buy
ebay From €5,84 Buy

ssd1331 color oled displayOLED 0.96″ SSD1331 65K SPI

OLED color display (65000 colors) 96 x 64 pixels based on the SSD1331. Bus SPI. Compatible with 3.3V or 5V

ali From €10,76 Buy
amazon From €11,99 Buy
ebay From €10,25 Buy


Here you find trade links checked to on the internet merchants to obtain the necessary equipment for your Arduino projects (but also Raspberry …). The vendors were selected for their reliability, very low price and often with free shipping. You will have the lowest prices by buying in Asia, the usual period is 2 to 5 weeks. Attention buying in Asia you may have to pay customs fees. This list is updated regularly, but if you have problems or find any errors, please email contact@projetsdiy.fr specifying the product concerned. Before ordering, check the product technical and commercial information. Some products are sometimes sold by lot or unit.

Components, tools and web server are paid by author. Following a commercial link and purchasing a product on the site, you helped to finance future projects and pay (some) its author. Thank you very much.