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Armbian v5.35 (Kernel Linux 4.13) is available, support 7” Raspberry Pi display, experimental OPi Zero+ and OPI Zero+ 2 (H5)

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The Armbian 5.35 update is available. This is a version announced as major. It is based on the Linux 4.13 kernel. This release also adds support for the U-Boot v2017.09 system and the off-touch 7 “touchscreen for Raspberry Pi. The Realtek 8811AU/8812AU/8814AU WiFi chips are now natively supported by the kernel. Version 5.35 is now based on Debian Stretch as is Raspbian for Raspberry.

This release also adds support for several Allwinner SoC-based development boards. The Odroid C2 and XU4 boards have been reintegrated into the main branch of the project. Olimex Lime2 and Micro board eMMC memory support is now supported. Several development boards are now supported experimentally. This is the case of the boards Potato, NanoPi NEO 2, Orange Pi Zero Plus, Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 (H5).

Armbian’s stable images for NanoPi Duo, Orange Pi R1 and Pinebook boards are available at the same time as version 5.35.

The Desktop version still includes the XFCE desktop, an OpenVPN connector, new wallpaper and fixes many bugs.

The armbian-config configuration utility presented in this article (the equivalent of raspi-config on Raspbian) gains some very useful features:

To update your distribution, open a Terminal and then run these two commands

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

The images (server or desktop) of compatible boards are available on the download page here. If you’re having video display issues, follow this tutorial to install Armbian without a keyboard or mouse using an FTDI cable.

armbian-config still does not configure the keyboard. To configure the keyboard, you must be logged in as root. If not, run

su -

Then, run the following command

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

If you can not find your keyboard type in the list, choose Generic 105-Key


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