The Amazon AWS Greengrass SDK is available for Raspberry Pi and Linux

Amazon has just released AWS Lambda’s “AWS Greengrass” IoT for Linux devices that offers offline synchronization and instant messaging. AWS Greengrass works on ARM and x86 platforms including Raspberry Pi 3.

AWS Greengrass is a software that allows you to safely run local computing, messaging, and data caching services for connected devices. With AWS Greengrass, connected devices can perform AWS Lambda functions, synchronize device data, and communicate securely with other devices, even when there is no Internet connection. By leveraging AWS Lambda, Greengrass allows your Internet devices (IoTs) to respond quickly to local events, operate even with intermittent connection, and transmit IoT data to the cloud at a lower cost.

With AWS Greengrass, it is no longer necessary to program and update the devices. Developers can add AWS Lambda functions to devices connected from AWS Management Console. AWS Greengrass takes care of synchronizing the code locally. Development and testing are done directly from the Amazon cloud before deploying code on devices. A CLI interface is also available.

The other advantage of Greengrass is its ability to work offline. Even when disconnected, the local code continues to run. AWS Greengrass goes even further by allowing local devices to communicate with each other even if the connection to AWS Cloud is not available.

amazon aws greengrass diagram raspberrypi

More than a dozen AWS partners integrate AWS Greengrass into their platforms including Annapurna, BSquare, Canonical, Digi International, Intel, Lenovo, Mongoose, Qualcomm Technologies, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Samsung, Technicolor and Wistron. Canonical offers Greengrass as an Ubuntu instant package.

AWS Greengrass Core can run on x86_64, Armv7, Aarch64 (ArmV8) architectures and supports Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Jessie Kernel 4.1 / 4.4, and other Linux distributions based on Kernel 4.4 or later. Amazon pre-certified several cards but it is likely that AWS Greengrass will be able to run on consumer mini PCs. The Raspberry Pi 3 being certified:

  • Adlink MXE-200, MXE-210 and MXE-1400
  • Advantech ARK-1123, ARK-1124, ARK-2121, ARK-2250 and ARK-3520
  • Advantech DS-370, DS-081 and DS-570
  • Advantech EIS-D110, EIS-D150, EIS-D210
  • Advantech UTX-3115 and UTX-3117
  • Dell 5000 Series
  • Digi CC-WMX6UL-START and ConnectCore 6UL Starter Kit
  • Digi CC-WMX6UL-KIT and ConnectCore 6UL JSK
  • Digi CC-WMX6-KIT and ConnectCore Wi-i.MX6 JSK
  • Qnap TVS-682
  • Qualcomm DragonBoard 410C
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Samsung Artik 710
  • Samsung Artik 530

During the launch phase, Amazon has already been able to test its technology in several industrial areas. The press release mentions several industrial testimonies. Enel (energy), Konecranes (shipyard cranes, etc.), Pentair (agricultural equipment), Rio Tinto (mines) and Stanley Black & Decker (intelligent tools).

More information on AWS Greengrass

AWS Greengrass is available now. Each AWS client can connect up to three devices for one year free of charge. After one year, a monthly cost of $ 0.16 (or $ 1.49 per year) will be charged per item for a maximum of 10,000 devices. You can find more information on the Amazon press release and the AWS Greengrass product page. To create an AXS IoT account and start with AWS Greengrass, go to this page.

Sources : Amazon press release

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