MQTT brokers online with a free offer to test and connect IoT to the internet

MQTT broker with free online offer
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Table of Contents

A selection of free MQTT brokers available online for testing. An online broker will be useful for testing communication outside the local network during the development of connected objects or the development of a home automation installation.


Online MQTT brokers (including 5 with a free offer)

In 2020, the MQTT protocol is very widespread. Several platforms have bowed out. The best known is undoubtedly ThingStudio which offered a completely free offer for Makers, Hackers and Designers: cry: and ThingMQ also disappear.

Fortunately, nature does not like emptiness, new entrants try their luck on the market.

Like Cayenne, the MQTT protocol has enabled manufacturers to offer new services and to be less dependent on the sale of equipment that is highly competitive with Asian cloners. This is for example the case of Adafruit with its AdafruitIO platform. The free offers are obviously limited, in number of accessories, bandwidth, etc … but it is more than enough for testing and even for personal use.

For personal projects or a startup that wants to test an idea, cloudMQTT and Flepsi remain two sure values. The free offer covers most needs and the advantage of being able to migrate to a robust professional offer.

A special note to Flepsi which also offers the sending of 10 free SMS per month.

MoQiatto is a completely free project developed by Çagdas Döner which uses the services (for a fee) from Amazon AWS to operate. Do not hesitate to support the project in front of Patreon of this Broker from 3.3 €/month. Several integration examples are available on GitHub. MoQiatto supports TLS / SSL security.

BrokerFree offer detailFree with limits
AdafruitIO30 data / minute. Stockage des données durant 30 jours. Triggers déclenchés toutes les 15 minutes
Flespi2 channels, 10 devices, 10 SMS
MoQiattoFree without limitation. If you plan to use MoQiatto intensively, become Patreon to finance Amazon AWS services from € 3.3/month
MyMQTTHub50 connexions, 300 messages per minutes
cloudMQTTFree up to 10 connexions (10 Kbit/s), then from 19$/month for 100 connexions
IBM BluemixFree up to 375 GB/heure/runtime (3 runtime maximum)
HerokuFree with Cute Cat offering up to 10 customers connected via add-on
HIVEMQPrice on request
Microsoft Azure IoTFree if you have an Azure account. Integration with the SDK Microsoft Azure IoT

Other solutions to study but which do not have an online platform

  • ActiveMQ from the Apache foundation or ActiveMQ Artemis dedicated to the development of micro-services
  • EclipseIOT from the Eclipse foundation
  • Professional solutions without free offer:
    • Akiro MQTT
    • EMQW, Open Source project available on GitHub with cloud service (EMQ X) for professional applications (5G, Internet Of Vehicles – IoV, Agriculture, smart home, medical…)
    • IBM Watson IoT (old IBM MessageSight). A performance test with 400,000 client connections was carried out by Gambit Communication here
    • RabbitMQTT
    • VerneMQ
    • Solace

Online MQTT Public Brokers for Testing

You can also do some online testing on some Brokers. Be careful, however, not to publish anything sensitive. Topics are accessible by anyone.

BrokerServerPortsWebsocketMQTT versions supported

1883 / 8883

1883 / 8883 / 8884


8080 / 8081

emqx.iobroker.emqx.io1883 or 8883 (TCP / TLS)8083 or 8084 (TLS)
Flespimqtt.flespi.io443 (SSL) or 80 (non-SSL)8883 (SSL) ou 1883 (non-SSL)3.1, 3.1.1, 5.0

MQTT Dashboard


need a free user account


Certificat SSL

Mosca test.mosca.io188380

Tutorials and projects to exploit the full potential of the MQTT protocol

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  1. You can also use flespi MQTT broker for free:
    Isolated MQTT namespace, additional REST API for persistent sessions and subscriptions managements, SSL and WebSockets support.

  2. You can try MQTTRoute ( ) which works with all standard MQTT Clients and at the same time can be customised to store data to any back end Big data engine or application. It has a ready to use Connectors( ) which is a open source to customise. It can be hosted on.
    Server Name:
    TCP Port : 1883
    WebSocket Port : 8443

  3. As I know, test server Mosquitto “” now available by “” address.

  4. You can use the free online MQTT 5.0 broker which is provided by EMQ X( ).

    TCP Port: 1883
    Websocket Port: 8083
    TCP/TLS Port: 8883
    Websocket/TLS Port: 8084

  5. This is useful!Thank you very much.

  6. Did you see : ? Can we consider only or testing ?

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