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Night Vision DIY security camera made from Raspberry Pi Zero W, Kerberos.io and 3D printed case

In the previous tutorial, we discovered how to get the official camera (v2.1) up and running for the Raspberry Pi Zero W and send images to the Home Assistant ...

MakeX launches Migo on Kickstarter, a portable 3D printer with optional 1000mW laser module

MakeX has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstater for its 3D Migo printer project. The Migo is a small portable 3D printer that can also perform ...

Six 3D printing boxes to make a DIY surveillance camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero W

In the previous tutorial, we saw how to build his own surveillance camera using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Node-RED without any programming. If you are lucky ...

Astrobox Touch, the box for wireless 3D printing by AstroPrint

One year after launching the AstroPint project, a 3D printing solution, the US-based AstroPrint in San Diego offers the AstroBox Touch. AstroBox Touch is a ...

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