Archive: November 27th, 2020
Waveshare launches two Raspberry Pi 400 + 7″ or 13.3″ touchscreen bundles

The Raspberry Pi foundation is gradually approaching the format of a classic computer with the Raspberry Pi 400 launched recently. The idea of ​​placing the ...

New M5PAPER ESP32 from M5Stack. eInk IoT or home automation dashboard

Today, November 27, 2020, the new M5PAPER from M5Stack is released. The M5PAPER is an ESP32 tablet equipped with an ePaper touch screen (ultra low ...

T-Watch. Simplified code for shutdown and wake-up with BMA423 or AXP202 of the ESP32

In the previous article taken from the example developed by Lewis Le, we saw how to wake up the screen and functions of the ESP32 TTGO T-Watch connected watch ...

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