ᐅ AliExpress Coupons for Sale on 11.11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and Christmas

AliExpress is not a merchant site. It is a market place that aims to sell the entire world the products of Chinese manufacturers live. They are already more than 150,000 to offer their products on AliExpress. This is the mainstream version of the Alibaba website. Buying live from China can scare consumers. To build trust, AliExpress has implemented a ratings and commenting system. We will see how to choose a good seller and win coupons.

How to choose a seller on AliExpress?

Here are some tips for choosing a seller on AliExpress. As on all merchant sites there is a percentage of false reviews and false notes. It’s a first filter. You can then spot the big sellers with a diamond system (1 to 5) located next to the seller’s name. The more a salesperson has made sales and the more favorable he is, the higher his sales will be. Finally, between two products whose price is very close, choose the seller who has the most sell.

How to find the best deals on AliExpress?

The problem with AliExpress is that there are often too many offers. It’s a little paradoxical! Try for example Arduino Uno. You will get more than 2300 results! Here are some tips that I use and that give good results to filter the results.

aliexpress filter local ship

Choosing the right keywords

AliExpress is primarily a search engine. As with Google, it is important to choose the right keywords. No need to use linking words. Delete all linking words and words of less than 3 or 4 characters (the, the, the, with, of, for, a ….). AliExpress is primarily a Chinese site. Can not know how the search engine works. It is quite possible that there is some artificial intelligence to make all this work. Anyway, if you do not get good results, switch to English. Sellers usually look after translations in that language. AliExpress then uses an automatic translator to generate labels and descriptions in other languages.

As you can see, the Arduino Uno search does not really give the expected result. The relevance criterion is not always effective.

arduino uno aliexpress results

Free Shipping First!

If you really have a lot of offers, this is the first check filter! Why pay shipping if other sellers offer it for free.

Sellers 4 stars!

Then reduce the sellers who have at least 4 stars. It’s a little cruel, but it’s also more reassuring. Sellers who have at least 4 stars are the oldest. They generally have a larger number of shipments. It is also likely sellers have several diamonds, pledge of seriousness on the deadlines, the quality of the packing and the resolution of the conflicts (products not received, defective, breakdown, refunding …).

Sort by order

Definitely, if you’re here, it’s because you really have a lot of offers. The selection filter is in the Sort by box.

Already, applying these three filters, we obtain much better results.

aliexpress deals filtered 4 stars free shipping order

Take advantage of sales, coupons or temporary offers (11.11 for example)

During the holidays (Chinese New Year, 11.11, Christmas, Thanksgiving …), sales periods of new filters are available. They are usually placed next to the min-max price field.

aliexpress filter bar 11 november sale items coupons

To be delivered since warehouse located in France, England, Spain, Germany or Italy

Some sellers have partnerships with local sellers in France, England, Spain, Germany and Italy. It is therefore possible to order from his country. The price will be higher but the delivery time will be shorter (in theory). For Europeans, it is also the guarantee of not having to manage the payment of any customs fees. Be careful though, there are far fewer products available by selecting this option.

aliexpress filter bar

Where to find coupons on AliExpress?

In addition to the specials offered by the sellers, you can get extra coupons. The amount of the reduction increases each time a purchase tranche is exceeded. A limited number of coupons is awarded per shop. It will therefore be necessary to go there regularly to obtain a coupon. Not all stores offer it. The amount of the coupons is always indicated in USD even if another currency is selected. For example on the store of Samsung China Store, click the Coupon button of US $2.00

You are redirected to the page that lists all coupons offered for the Samsung China Store. Currently, Samsung offers 4 coupons:

  • $1 from $39 purchase
  • $3 from $159 purchase
  • $4 from $199 purchase
  • $5 (minimum purchase amount not indicated at the moment). It will be available in a few days.

You can also try to win coupons by playing the game of marks here. It is accessible directly from the shops by clicking on this banner

The rules of the game are on this page. To play, it’s very simple. Start by adding products to your basket. Then go to the desired store and click on the banner above. The game window opens.

aliexpress coupon game bulle challenge november 11

Click on play for 2 Coins

aliexpress coupon game bulle challenge november 11

Click Fire when you feel it. The arrow pierces a balloon and shows your gain. You can win a coupon (s) or extra chips. The number of games is limited for each store.

aliexpress coupon game bulle challenge november 11

November 11 deals on AliExpress

Every year, November 11 (11.11) is an opportunity for all Chinese merchants to make (very) big promos. Launched in 2009 by Alibaba on November 11 (double 11, or double 1) is a lucky day. It’s the bachelor party. It has become in a few years a big cash machine (in billion dollars) and a shopping festival. For us, this is an opportunity to make big savings and prepare our Christmas presents. For Americans, this is also an opportunity to prepare their gifts for Thanksgiving, a national holiday as popular (maybe even more) than Christmas.

The page dedicated to 11 November specials is here, bargains are classified by categories:

  • Electronics: Connected bulbs Koogeek, MIPOW, MC-Tech better known as Xiaomi Mi, 3D printers ANYCUBIC, Tevo 3D and Micromake. BroadLink Box TV, VONTAR and docooler. IPhone accessories and SAMZHE smarphone. SSD storage, USB sticks and SD cards at Samsung China Store, KingDian, Kingston XR Store. Gaming with Colorful and DATA FROG. Headphones & Sound Systems Sound Intone, Edifier, Kingston XR Store. DJI drones and many more!
  • Computer and security: many security cameras and promo kits
  • Tools and DIY: lamps and lights Lingstone, LEDERTEK, MING & BEN, SUNMEIYI. EnwYe, LUCKYLED, Hunta, Gleco LED lighting and ribbon. Tools NEWACALOX, WORKPRO, CHINA GOOD TOOL, SNDWAY Instruments, Binoax …
  • House and garden. In this shop, we find most home automation devices Xiaomi (robot vacuum cleaner, air purifier). Other brands also make big promos. DEVVIS ROBOT, Seebest Intelligent Appliance, LIECTROUX on robot vacuum cleaner, scrubber, pool washer … Small household appliances (vacuum cleaner, broom vacuum cleaner, dynamic water heater at PUPPYOO and ATWFS) Cookware LMETJMA, Cake Stencil’s, MOM’S HAND
  • Automobile: maintenance, bulbs, equipment for biker.
  • Smartphone, phone and tablet: accessories (cables and recharge power, screen protector, case …) BASEUS, Ugreen, USAMS, Nillkin, Aukey, WSKEN, Orico, FLOVEME. Android 4G smartphone HOMTOM, DOOGEE, Xiaomi
  • Baby and Kids: Baby Growth, DOMEI LAND, Bear Leader, Top and Top, Sunveno, Childhood, Logowood, Life On Clouds, DAVEBELLA, Baby Republic. Toy TOK, OIL TOYS, Robotime, XINGBAO, Blythe
  • Sports and outdoors: some boutiques sell products from major international brands. For example, Converses shoes at Sports online flagship, Nike at Best Sports stores. Bicycles, equipment and spare parts ROCKBROS, BXT, SAVA. Fishing equipment SeaKnight
  • Beauty and hair
  • Fashion woman, child, man, accessories and finally shoes and bags

You can also use the 11.11 filter found on the search page to find promos. Do a search on the desired product then tick 11.11 Sale items. You can also check the Coupon Selection filter to find sellers who offer discount coupons. Be careful, the filters combine. By checking the two filters you will only get sellers who make a discount for November 11 and offer additional coupons, which can be a good thing for the wallet :).


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